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Cannabis from the Consumer POV

in walks the novice, uninformed consumer, be it for a therapeutic or a recreational product. Most consumers have a good idea of what outcome 2 – 200 mg ibuprofen, 2 shots of vodka, 2 glasses of wine or 2 beers will generally be for them. Importantly, these 4 products are all consumed and enter your bloodstream the same way,

The Banana

Since I’m on a journey being here not home this week, I got to thinking about the origin and journey of this simple banana. At some point a farmer…..

Person to Person, Real-Time Communication

Recently, I was driving my car with two passengers under age 30. Although there was no audio conversation in the car, they had a conversation via text. To be private? Nope. To be efficient. I asked. If being efficient takes less time typing sending, reading and...

My definition of Independence is forever changed

Life doesn’t come with a manual, so if my sharing is insightful for you – awesome. I’m not a counselor, but, I tend to figure out processes that allow me to learn as I go. Since my current circumstance carries a good deal of emotionally charged experiences right now, I’m in particularly uncharted territory.

Your words last forever

We all post and comment at Facebook or Linkedin. We all write emails and send texts to each other. We all comment on blogs and websites. All those words. Words, words and more words. And wherever your words go, they are copied and stored and very likely will last...

Make it simple

How good a job you have done making your processes simple for your people or your customers is determined not by how wonderful you think it looks from the inside. The quality of the simplicity is determined by the ease with which the user can get done what they need to get done for them to progress.


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