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What to do next ?

Our focus and awarenesses will change as we look and work in the retirement world instead of the consumer world. We won’t change, but, what we see, experience and create insight about will change.

The value of experience; How soon do you want to be scalable?

Recently I worked with an entrepreneur who continually asked me how old job candidates were as they were considered for positions in his company. His concern was about the “culture” that he was creating and would not admit it, but, did not want older people in his company. His perspective was driven by money and moldability. Young, inexperienced people are less expensive than older people.

What is it exactly you want?

The measure of how badly you want something, in my opinion, starts with actually identifying what it is you want.

Process vs. Results

The very first lesson in owning your own business is the sooner you can become results focused and stop being process focused, the sooner you can achieve the results that you so desperately want to create.

Time Saver: the item number

Everyone from your customers, to your vendors, to your website, to your sales people, to the reports you create will be driven by item numbers and the item number sort.

Time saver – image management

If you’re in the consumer product world, the BEST thing that can happen is to have lots of people use your photos without needing to hunt you down or ask your permission.

Time saver – email controls

Your time will be disappear like sand in an hourglass if you don’t get these addresses all lined up. If you already have an overloaded personal email box, create a new one.

School is easy – Building a business is hard

When you were in school, whether you recognized it or not, your entire world was prepared for you. Before each term, you knew where to go, when to show up, the reading material you would need. You knew…….

Be relevant to the buyer

Every retailer fundamentally has 5 pillars to how they position themselves which in turn generates their traffic – Location, customers, product mix, service and price.

The threat of competition

Sometimes the thinking for a new product is truly beyond the reach of most people in their current paradigm. An automobile not a horse. An electric light not a candle. A TV not a radio.