Author: Tom Larsen

Cannabis from the Consumer POV

in walks the novice, uninformed consumer, be it for a therapeutic or a recreational product. Most consumers have a good idea of what outcome 2 – 200 mg ibuprofen, 2 shots of vodka, 2 glasses of wine or 2 beers will generally be for them. Importantly, these 4 products are all consumed and enter your bloodstream the same way,

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The Banana

Since I’m on a journey being here not home this week, I got to thinking about the origin and journey of this simple banana. At some point a farmer…..

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Dodgers vs. Brewers – Red Sox vs. Astros – Really?

Here we stand at the Final Four of Baseball version 2018. When Willie Mays was traded from the Giants to the Mets in 1972, my enthusiasm for baseball declined and I became an A’s fan. In 1994 with the baseball strike, I threw in the towel and said baseball is not for me. Imagine my surprise last weekend when I found out the Brewers and Astros are in the Final Four and they are not playing the Red Sox and Dodgers respectively. In trying to figure out what happened, I learned a few other things about baseball, too. Maybe you knew all this, but, I did not. Starting with the Boston Red Sox, turns out they were not the Red Sox at their start in 1901. Their sox were actually blue. They worked out the socks color by 1907 though and became the Red Sox even though there was another team in Cincinnati called the Red Stockings at the time (still is). They’ve played in the American League forever. The Los Angeles Dodgers were actually the Brooklyn Atlantics at their start in 1883 to later be the Robins and other names until in the 1930s when they adopted Dodgers named after pedestrians who were dodging the streetcars of Brooklyn. Go figure. By 1958 they had their fill of streetcars I suppose and they left the dodging of streetcars for the...

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Person to Person, Real-Time Communication

Recently, I was driving my car with two passengers under age 30. Although there was no audio conversation in the car, they had a conversation via text. To be private? Nope. To be efficient. I asked. If being efficient takes less time typing sending, reading and responding, then I guess good for them they are very efficient. From my point of view, lost in that entire experience is the opportunity for expanding the topic or avoiding any inadvertent ambiguity. My takeaway, which should be obvious to anyone in the relationship business, is that we are all now becoming accustomed to more and more communication being done via electronic delivery, sacrificing all the things that can be learned through actual conversation. Young and old, if you text or abbreviate your emails to save time or just to be a fast responder, you are using modern communication techniques perhaps without conscious consideration. In a short 30 years or so, we have aggressively worked to avoid telephones and real-time conversations entirely. Why? The illusion of efficiency? We have fooled ourselves into thinking that carrying on a text and email exchanges with a couple of others interspersed over time is more efficient than just picking up the phone. What if you asked the question about communication choices a different way? What is the most EFFECTIVE way to communicate with this person? Aha! That’s a head scratcher...

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