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Creating scalability is complicated. More business creates all sorts of growth challenges. Some easy, some hard. As simple as phone calls or emails; 3 day is easy. 50 a day is hard. All the systems in place are exactly what you needed when you chose them to get exactly where you are. That does not mean they will be the systems that can allow you to multiply your business size into something beyond the horizon.than need to be considered to grow your business beyond its current level Selecting something to do next is simple. The biggest challenge in trying to grow a business is understanding which things are which things are going to have

Having spent over 25 years on the wholesale side of branded consumer products, as a marketer, seller, product developer and brand owner, I have developed a deep awareness of the entire process. There are not many “industries” where the product changes regularly, the competitors are everywhere, getting into a Customer’s business is not forever and consumer shopping behavior is always changing. Consumer products is one of the most dynamic environment in which someone can work. What worked in yesterday’s conditions may be useless in tomorrows conditions.


Scalability is key to growing any business. Whatever does not scale as you try to grow your business holds you back. Anticipating what may be only a short term fix is crucial avoids wasting time reconsidering and rebuilding. Bolting on something temporary soon becomes something you live with and eventually something you work around – destroying efficiency and slowing progress to a crawl. However, as much as the consumer products business is exciting, what I have learned is the art of running a business. I have used the principals, the ways of seeing, the choices of approach, to fine tune a keen awareness of choice making.

What I have learned is the art of running a business and foreseeing over the horizon. I have used the principals, to fine tune the choices of approach and keen awareness of choice making.

Disrupting Technologies

Including the years I spent selling lighting equipment for retailers to precede my leap into selling products for the shelves, I was part of the beginnings of multiple technology disruptions. Screw in fluorescent lightbulbs, motion sensing light switches, the advent of color dot matrix printing, the evolution from desktop computers to laptop, the car phone to mobile phone revolution and the shift in textiles to eco-friendly materials. We now take all of these technologies for granted in our every day life, but, at one time, it took real convincing to get buyers or consumers to accept the change that they could make.

When you apply a disciplined, thoughtful approach to a subject, you can learn it and find the navigation paths that would lead you to where you want to be. Life Off Balance is about learning to identify and apply principals and habits to your efforts to create ongoing consistency in what you do.

It’s an Art

Business and life are both an art. Understanding principals and applying practice creates experience from which one improves. Just practice only creates skills, not the insights as to what alternatives might have provide a more personally satisfying outcome.

For many Life Off Balance will articulate many principals they may already use, but, never thought much about. For others there may be insights that will lead to significant observations about oneself, one’s work or one’s success. For those people I cheer you forward all the more. I am still learning more about myself. I encourage everyone to never stop looking inward as well as outward. The one thing we CAN control in life is ourselves. Knowing how to do that is a lifelong process as we each evolve through our own experiences, desires and capabilities.

For every business person looking for growth the first step is recognizing your business needs change. Learning how to navigate a new paradigm is the core of transforming a startup to a viable, sustainable business. You can’t grow your business, if you don’t grow yourself.