Guide + Book

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular Preparation”       Robert Schuller

What if you had a guide?

Do you “wing it” very much? Do you always know what’s coming next or what areas of your business are inefficient or ineffective at what they are trying to do? Do you already know where your business would be challenged if it were to double in scale?

Consistent execution is about thinking forward and anticipating needs before they arise. It’s about building framework and structure so that a business hums along. It’s the opposite of “wing it”.

A growing a brand or business is confronted with all sorts of destabilizing inputs. Each of those take resources to surmount. Before the concrete is even dry, the next input arises and the cycle begins anew. Wouldn’t it be great to have a person who was committed to envisioning the future challenges and could provide forethought even framework and structure beforehand making the swells at the beach be like ripples in a lake? That’s what we do. Anticipate, design and implement processes and practices to make tomorrow better than today.

Business growth creates all sorts of expanding challenges. Something as straightforward as 10 emails in a day is easy. When that number is 50 in a day it’s hard. That could just as easily be inquiries, transactions, payments, access to capital or any of the activities that come from growth. Your Company is continuously confronted with something new. It’s an ever-changing landscape.

Chances are thus far you’ve grown to this point by doing the work as it arrived. Now you’re at a point where you recognize that you efficiency is low and your effectiveness may be as well. You know there are lots of things you need to look into, but, who has the time. You want to forecast sales, plan your inventory, determine your budgets and yet at every corner your comfort is tested knowing the fragile nature of the next growth opportunity. You don’t want to slow down to address these needs forcing you to continue to “wing it”.

Together we will create smart strategies, working processes and great execution to build something that can absorb all the market can offer, providing stability, strength and comfort for your future.

We work together to identify the future you want and then create the strategies to get there supported by the practices needed to make it real. Letting go of “wing it” is one of the hardest things to do. Every successful business owner, company executive and manager knows investing in tomorrow is the very best way to ensure that tomorrow brings something positive.

We’ll build something so solid everyone will be excited to come to work every day. We’ll create a customer experience that will having them leaning in to your business from the very beginning through direct and concise messaging. We’ll improve customer engagement, where they are and what they need all along the way. We’ll take onboarding and system integrations into focus and ensure there are no chances for hiccups there that could erode all the great work done thus far. Finally, we’ll make sure every communication is somehow sales leaning. We’ll put forethought into your entire business, always with the Customer POV at the top of this list, the one you and pays the bills.

When you apply a disciplined, thoughtful approach to a subject, you can learn it and find the navigation paths that will lead you to where you want to be. Life Off Balance is about learning to identify and apply principals and habits to your efforts to create ongoing consistency in what you do. Not repetition, consistency.

It’s an art and a science

Navigating business success is an art. Understanding principals and applying practice creates experience from which one improves. Just practice only creates skills, not the insights needed to consider alternatives that might provide a more effective or efficient outcome or how to adapt to change options over time.

That’s why a business building veteran like me is so important as a guide. I know the questions to ask and how to go about getting the answers, thus making possible a full range of options for navigating toward the future.

This book is for everyone who wants to learn how to see their choices and become successful at making them. Every successful business has made a string of informed choices that propel it into the future. Every successful startup has made a string of informed choices to get it out of the blocks. Learning how to navigate a new paradigm is the core of transforming a startup to a viable, sustainable business. This book will help you build your skills at figuring it out to become a stronger business leader.