Most people who read this blog are business owners, aspiring business owners or folks who work in ways other than from a traditional payroll relationship. In this way, all of us are “independent”. For a long, long time now, Independence Day to me has been a celebration of having taken the Road Less Traveled.

Without question, my life, for the person I am, has been made far, far more interesting by the fact that I work for myself. From the time I was in high school, until now (a long time), I have had a total of 1 full time job, where I was paid a salary alone. It lasted 6 months!Fireworks-SF

For me, the Independence Day Holiday has annually provided a day away from work where the entire business world in the U.S. shuts down, so I can reflect on having chosen the path of “independence”.

On Friday, take the opportunity to reflect and be grateful for all the wonderful and perhaps harrowing experiences and personal growth you have had thanks to being on the “independent” path. It provides me with a huge sense of purpose, accomplishment and motivation. It does not hurt that it comes at the height of summer, everyone celebrates it with me, there are concerts and fireworks. It’s a huge nationwide party!

Happy Independence Day. Congratulations for being on the Independence path. May it continue to lead us in the most interesting of places.