We’re always so hopeful at the beginning of every year now 12 months ago. Four weeks ago we celebrated Thanksgiving at which time many, but, not all, would have been grateful for the wonderful year they had and how well their business fared over the course of the year.dear-santa

Now we find ourselves at Christmas where many of us are hopefully reviewing the shortcomings of the previous year by virtue of the observation that we now have a wish list of things that we planned or hoped for but did not materialize. Maybe your wish was 10x growth or 50% growth or adding 5 new major accounts or maybe one.

If you found yourself with a list of unfulfilled wishes for the past year, now is exactly the time to look deeply into your own efforts and figure out how not to repeat them. If you subscribe to the perspective that our position is the direct reflection of the sum of the effort we put into getting there, then this can be a highly introspective, self-evaluating moment.

But, if you don’t want to do the hard work of looking at yourself and how your situation is exactly what you have created, there is always next year, to simply do it again with very likely precisely the same results. The choice is always yours.