It is easy to allow circumstances to be blamed for the outcomes you achieve. The truly growth oriented individual looks at the circumstances and determines their own role in creating those circumstances and owns their accountable

If you truly want to grow your business, every choice you make matters. Choosing to put up a large sign or a small sign, choosing to wait until the last minute to do something you have known about for weeks, putting off decisions that the conditions for which will not change by waiting, choosing to do 20 things instead of 5, choosing to spend an entire day saving money by driving instead of flying, choosing to set the bar at achievable instead of remarkable, choosing to make commitments you have no idea how you will honor and then doing nothing to figure it out, these are all “the easy path”.

When you choose to want to grow your business, you must also choose to be a new person. You must be willing to make choosing the best course a habit. Mark Zuckerberg eliminated one choice from his daily routine, his attire. Others have the same breakfast every day, the same lunch, go to the same restaurant, almost always, to allow themselves to be present for all the actual decisions/choices that need to be made over the course of their day.

Find out what you take for granted about your choices by holding yourself accountable for all your outcomes – the good and the bad. Be bigger than your business and hold yourself accountable. This is YOUR watch and what happens on YOUR watch is up to you. Choose thoughtfully. But, most importantly, always consciously choose.