Author: Tom Larsen

Know, Like, Trust: it can be that easy

The concept of having a business relationship used to be very much under the control and influence of the seller (the store or the service provider). They would send out ongoing messages “buy me, buy me, buy me”. The more messages, the more buying. MBAs ruled the world.

Now, a lot has changed. Own a restaurant and provide bad service, Yelp will punish you. Own a hotel and miss a turndown and Travelocity will punish you. Examples go on and on. But, who’s extolling the punishment – yep, the consumer.

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There are more to ways to reach a market than ever before.

One of the very simple questions we ask entrepreneurs is where do you see your products? Not surprisingly, the most popular answers are Target and Apple. In many respects, this question helps us understand the thoroughness of the business developer’s awareness of the market(s) in which they may find placement or opportunity for their products. Here’s why:

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We changed our name. Check out the Back Office.

So, we made the change. Our new identity is TD Back Office or We’ll have mirrored websites at both domains. The irony is that we are still an operations company offering business solutions. Now we know how to talk about it. Where do you work? I work in the back office! Don’t be afraid to reconsider when a better choice surfaces or the common axiom, don’t love your first idea so much that you are unwilling to change your perspective in light of new information.

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