As business owners, we gather information every day from lots of places. We read the news. We talk to vendors. We talk to sales people. We talk to customers. We attend trade events. There is no shortage of ways to be informed about the market in which your product exists.

The most important thing you can do with those conversations is to listen and evaluate what you are hearing and continually ask yourself whether the perspective you are observing is supporting the success of your company strategy or eroding the success of your company strategy.

Each day you are given 24 new hours by which to evaluate your Company direction and success in making progress toward your business goals. Each day, the information you acquire from your conversations and observations can provide you with valuable gems of knowledge that may cause you to think twice, reevaluate, reconsider, confirm, affirm or obliterate the ideas or plans you had the day prior.

You need to be listening for them. You need to be thinking that way, every day. Running your growth business is not a job, it’s a responsibility. Your vendors, your Customers, your consumers, they represent your organization and they are counting on you to do all you can to be more viable tomorrow than you are today. To be more healthy and more thoughtful.

Every day, you have the opportunity to leave everything in your business just as it was yesterday, or to change it. For some that is too much to fathom and they pay no attention to what they observe except once a year. Each day they continue to do what they did the day before. For others, they tweak their strategy all the time not really secure in the fundamentals of where they are going or the viability of their strategy.

Your strategy is your holy grail. Own it and find those that will support it with you, economically. Find tactics that you can use or abandon all the time. Be a great listener and observer and an even better implementer. Evaluate what is possible in what time frames at what cost and what value and what is a mountain of work that may need to be entered into judiciously. The dividends to be gained from deeply paying attention to what you are seeing, hearing and observing are priceless.