Have you ever seen those “new customer” offers? All the media companies do it; satellite TV, phones, etc. Buy now and get the first month free. Buy now and……. Ever ask yourself why you would give a “new customer” the impression that they are only going to get your “best offer” when they are new, which means later, when they are your long time loyal customer, they will be treated like commoners?

Why would any business be so disrespectful to loyal customers and gracious to strangers?

That’s the upside down part of some marketing strategies – always treat strangers well, but, be indifferent to those that you know and who have made a commitment to work together.

Make a personal commitment to treat your existing, loyal customers (the consumers or the retailers) with the respect they deserve (the choir). These people and their businesses are the ones funding your business. Make them feel wanted. Give them things, like the most important words in any language – Thank you (Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, etc.). And don’t just say it. Show it!


That’s the most fun part – surprise them. Display your gratitude. Impress them. Delight them. Give them your time. Give them your best thoughts. Give them greater access to you or something they really would like. Whatever it is, make it personal. You and your business are a MEDIA company. Use it.

Show your gratitude to your best Customers and they will be loyal. Invest in strangers to make them Customers and they will be transitory. If you want a business that is built on always needing to have new customers to achieve growth (which is really expensive), treat strangers great and ignore loyalty. If you want to build a strong community of repeat customers, once they come into your business, overwhelm them with gratitude in whatever creative ways you can dream up.

Find your core audience and then lavish them. Your business will reward you in direct proportion to your creativity in getting people to be delighted that you are thinking about them and are grateful for their business.