The amazing amount of enthusiasm for the new year and what it may hold is upon us. What does the New Year hold for us. Prosperity? Hardship? Opportunity? Challenge? Exciting new relationships?Make it happen

We don’t know, which is precisely why this moment is so important. Tomorrow the calendar will read 2015. Tomorrow, the slate of successes and failures in 2014 are erased, to be replaced over the year with new successes and failures.

I believe we put ourselves in the position to see opportunity. I believe those that lift their heads above the masses will see possibilities that others will not. Those people will be in positions where they cross paths with exactly what they need when they need it.

My preference is to determine where I want to go and head in that direction. In that case, I become determined. It is with this determination that opportunity will become more visible as I look only for the things that will get me closer to my destination and turn me away from the things that move me away from my destination.

Even so, if the amazing opportunity presents itself and looks to be perhaps a more suited destination, I am willing to change course, but, the opportunity will have to be significantly better than that which I am already pursuing.

In this way, I achieve focus. Focus on the destination. I am not oblivious to the rest, just determined to not miss that which I have set out to achieve in favor of some shiny object that may only be a distraction and cost me time in getting to the destination I wanted in the first place.

What is your destination this year? How are you getting there? What are you going to stop looking at in order to be able to focus on your destination? How determined are you? A flag in the wind has no determination. Don’t be a flag in the wind. Determine your destination. Then chart a course and navigate it with determination. How will you know on this day in 2015, how well you did navigating your course?