Do you have a sales team that is excited about your newest products? Are they hungry to go out and sell these items into your Customer’s stores? How long will it take for your new product to be seen by all your existing Customers?Finger 1

Most small companies have no answers to these questions. Many companies that rely exclusively on Distributors don’t even know who the sales people are, whether they are excited or how long it takes to be seen by existing Customers.

Other companies have lots of sales people and don’t give them the tools they need prior to the availability of the product so that those sales people can succeed out of the blocks.

Other companies still are under the impression that sales people are an extraneous expense and therefore don’t have any at all.

If any of these are your Company, you are doing your growth rate and your future a huge disservice by not investing smartly in a sales network.

The outside investor or any general manager looking at your company from the outside will judge it’s overall value by three things – it’s sales capability, it’s distribution capability and it’s Customer base. Those three elements are the pipelines to growth. Those three elements ensure a long term ability to put new products into the marketplace. Lack of those three elements is a giant constraint to growth and makes your Company a target for competitors not to mention makes growth incremental not exponential.

One huge reason entrenched players win more often is because they have these three networks dialed in and productive.

Want to reach your dreams for your products and your company? Focus on building financially lucrative relationships with sales people. You can never have too much sales!!!