Happy Holidays to everyone. I have two things that may prove of value to you.

For those of you who are pursuing a DIY selling model, or for those of you who may be wondering why is sales such a Karen Waksmanchallenge, Karen Waksman has created exactly the series for you to really understand the daunting task that must be achieved. From her many years as a manufacturer’s rep, Karen has created an entire Master’s course, in sales training. As I always say in my writings, having a good idea, even a good product, is not equivalent to making lots of money. Even if you aren’t looking to sell to “major retailers” you will need to know everything Karen has in her package all the same. If you are really serious about going forward on sales, you have to subscribe to Karen’s program. Click Here

For those of you who do your own marketing, or for those of you who may be wondering why such an effort is a challenge, Seth Godin is the guy for you. His daily (yes, daily) blog is an ongoing stream seth-godinof consciousness that covers everything under the sun about the changing landscape of marketing. Seth’s observations along with his incredibly concise writing style will captivate you and start every day with a mini-tremor to the status quo. Click Here

Also, now is the time to be refreshing your Business Plan, Sales Plan and/or Marketing Plan. Without living documents that provide the thoughtful guidance you will be grateful for later, based on what you know at this moment, you’ll be really hard pressed to make good decisions about your path if you don’t know where you actually want to go or how or when you want to get there.

There is no financial value we gain out of bringing forth these resources. Your business growth is our reward. Subscribe. Your business will definitely grow if you are reading this type of material.